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    Curated. 195,000. Serum samples.

    Cohort patient-consented sample repository.

    SmartScience Dx Cohort

    Approximately 195,000 purposefully curated and patient-consented serum samples with
    optimum documented collection, transport, and storage (no freeze/thaw cycles).

    Your path to saving time and money with population 


    scale bio-specimens and data

    • Retrospective prospective clinical studies without enrollment on demand
    • Genetic data can be generated to correspond with the database
    • All mRNA, genomic, and protein-based studies can be done
    • Validate your current studies quickly and more cost effectively

    In-depth validation data with all specifications can be provided upon request.

    Sample Provenance Includes

    • Multiple disease states with longitudinal data across thousands of patients
    • Designed to enable biomarker discovery and rapid clinical trials without enrollment and with reduced collection expense
    • Our samples can be used for all mRNA, genomic, and protein-based studies
    • Preparing for monetization
    • “Clinical Trial in a Box”